Monday, 22 February 2010

Baby Sean's Blanket

My mom did me the honour of knitting my Baby Shane Blanket pattern for a dear friend who was expecting a baby. We knew that she was having a boy (Sean) and I think that mom even knew the colour scheme of her nursery, so after carefully perusing my kit colourways, she decided on the blue to yellow option. Her blanket is very cute and I hear that new baby Sean get's a lot of use out of it!

Mom had enough yarn left over to knit up an adorable little rolled-rim hat. I really love the matching hat/blanket combo, don't you just want to wrap him up in that blanket for some quality snuggling time!? So cute.


  1. ADORABLE:-) I have to take another look and see if there is a Green kit. I have afriend who is expecting and has chosen green for the Green Mt. of Vermont( she lives in Vermont)

  2. So sweet Tanis!
    Love this!
    great work as always!


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