Monday, 8 February 2010

embossed leaves socks

I finished my Embossed Leaves socks the other day. Forgive me for totally stating the obvious, but lately I've been knitting on mostly only one thing at a time, and it's shocking how fast I am finishing things! Typically I'll have multiple projects going at once and only sit down with a sock in progress when I don't have much knitting time available or when I need something portable, I rarely cast on a sock and then work on it exclusively. I guess my habits have changed a little bit, I knit three pairs of socks last month!

This pattern is very pretty. I love how the leaves seem to grow out of one another. I also love a twisted rib cuff, so sharp and crisp.

I'm still feeling a little under the weather, and though I feel like I should be casting on for a bigger more complicated project like a sweater, I just don't think I have the brain power right now so I think I'll start another pair of socks!


  1. hope you feel better soon. I find knitting requires energy and focus,but it can also be healing. Keep knitting away and get well soon. Love how the socks turned out. Are you doing any red colors for Valentine's day?

  2. Gorgeous color! A perfect match for that pattern. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. gorgeous socks!! the colour of that yarn is just incredible.


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