Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Baby Blanket - day 8

The weather is miserable here today! Rainy and grey, a good day to stay inside and be productive. Thats my plan.

I am moseying along on my baby blanket, it has to be all done for a baby shower on Sunday. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the beginning it was so fast! Just whipping off bands of colour in a flash, but now that the bands are getting longer and longer I'm starting to really look forward to having this finished. I don't intend to make it huge, I'm aiming for about 30"square. Big enough to be useful but not so big that it's cumbersome. Just a small, practical blanket that can be wrapped around a baby in a car seat or in a stroller without hanging over and dragging on the ground. Portability is key. Just another thick band on two of the sides and then an inch or two of border and I'll be done! 

When I need a break from knitting I'll treat myself to a couple minutes of star craft! I bought these strips and instructions from theStarcraft on Etsy. Last night I had a friend over, we made cheese fondue (perfect for a cool rainy night!) and after a very frustrating first hour of trying to figure it out we had finally mastered the folding and tucking technique. I am now whizzing through them. It's so much fun to pick colours and see these little stars magically emerge from flat strips of paper. I may tie string loops to one of the points and hang them from the Christmas tree, but for now I'm just collecting them on the coffee table and then setting them in the tree as I please. I'm not sure how durable they are, but for now they are source of endless entertainment for me. 


  1. Awesome blog thank you! You should checkout my site

  2. that blanket is looking good!! I'm so intrigued by the paper star bows, those look so neat!! and I bet you could cut any old paper the same size, and use the instructions- could be a great recycling craft in the future. Very neat!!

  3. Love the baby blanket. My fifth grade teacher taught our class how to make those stars years ago (around 1962 or so). We called them German Stars, dipped them in melted paraffin wax and then sprinkled them with glitter. My Mom, sister, and I made tons of them. The wax made them stronger which was a good idea until they were stored in a hot attic during a Nebraska summer.

  4. My grandma had those stars all over her trees for years. They are a polish thing her grandmother and grandmother's grandmother did before her. And they last forever- I think my mom has 30 year old stars still tucked away that go on the tree every year. (Though yours come in much brighter and prettier colors.)

  5. I have a number of those stars for the very top branches of my Christmas tree. :) They are *paper*, so they are a little fragile (and you can't use just any paper to make them -- it has to be fairly sturdy to stand up to the folding and weaving process) but if you pack them carefully in a box they will be as safe as any other fragile Christmas ornament.

    Beautiful blanket! That is going to be a very lucky little person!

  6. Gorgeous! I'll admit, I thought you meant Starcraft, at first, but those are almost as cool! ;) I'd love to see pictures of them all once you've finished.


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