Tuesday, 7 December 2010

TFA Tuesday - Patricia's Baby Shane Blankets

The sweetest e-mail popped up in my inbox this weekend from Chris' Auntie Patricia who is a knitter! (She's not really his Auntie... but grew up with his mother in Ireland and is such a sweet person that she really feels like an Auntie!) Anyways, she came all the way from Ireland for our wedding this past June and did not leave the TFA headquarters empty handed. Among her newly acquired stash were a couple baby blankets that she planned on making for a her nephew who was expecting twins! Well, a few months have passed, the blankets have been knit and most importantly the twins have been born!

Seeing these two tiny little babies wrapped up in Baby Shane Blankets just warms my heart to no end!

We got our first big snowfall of the season. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and hasn't stopped yet! I wanted to take a picture of all the snow on our back deck to show you all how heavy the snowfall was, but by the time I had gotten to the back door Chris had already shoveled it clean. He is a very enthusiastic shoveler. I'm not complaining, but I do find it amusing. He was so happy to be out there in the snow!


  1. So adorable!! twins in matching TFA blankets- just too cute. I'm jealous of all the snow you have!! We just got a bit recently, but it's not that much at all. certainly no reason to break out the shovel, yet!

  2. The piles on the furniture and railings give a pretty good indication. I hope my husband turns out to be as enthusiastic as yours, now that we have our own house that will require shovelling!

    Those blankets & babies are super cute, too.

  3. Rhonda from Baddeck7 December 2010 11:18

    I love the clean deck with the snow piled on the railing - somehow it gives me a better idea of how much snow there is. Hurray for Chris!

  4. Beautiful babies!
    Your snow build-up on the porch railings looks just like ours. Love the stuff!


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