Monday, 20 June 2011

Clara Dresses (plural)

I've been eying the Clara Dress pattern on ravelry for quite some time now. It's the perfect little dress. Seeing this version (prettiest photo's ever!) and this version (that baby looks adorable in her dress!) really put me over the edge. The reason I hesitated and didn't knit this dress sooner is because the pattern is only available as a kit. I knew I didn't want to knit it in the alpaca yarn included in the kit, I wanted to knit it in a hand dyed yarn, so I chose a pretty, soft grey yarn to come with the pattern that I'll use for another project down the road. I'm thinking it might become a hat like this.

One of a Kind skein

As soon as I had the pattern in hand I cast on for my little dress with a One Of A Kind colourway that I loved too much to part with. I finished the dress yesterday and dug through my mom's extensive button collection to find the perfect button. And find it I did! Just look at this beauty!

Clara Dress - Best button ever!

I am crazy for that button. The dress is currently drying on my patio table and I have already cast on for a second version in a lovely pastel colourway from Hedgehog Fibres. I am completely smitten. 

Clara Dress version 2.0 in progress.


  1. that is THE most perfect button!! love that yarn, it's so pretty.

  2. That blue colorway is absolutely gorgeous. Yummy!

  3. Beautiful pattern/dress+perfect yarn!

  4. Stunning dress, stunning button!

    Can I ask where you got the dress pattern? I have only ever seen it available as a kit, from the Isager site, but I'd much rather knit it in something stellar and artisanal than in the plain wool that comes in the kit...

  5. Hi Anniebeeknits, I bought the kit and am saving the yarn tat came with it for another project. As far as I know buying the kit is the only way to get the pattern, but it's worth it! It's such a cute dress.

  6. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous pattern. It's so nice to see a baby/toddler dress that's not too baby'ish and has such interesting detail. And, yes, LOVE the button!

  7. Tanis that is an amazing pic! Maybe you'll recreate that colourway for the rest of us to enjoy too? The button, pattern and yarn make it a fabulous knit!!


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